Cyra provides enrollment update

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Assistant Superintendent Sherri Cyra provided her monthly update on enrollment to the Board of Education at its regular meeting on Monday, July 10.

She noted the report earlier than normal in June and that the numbers for the current month  were pulled on July 5, which was the first day District Services Center was open for the month. As a result, she believes the drop in enrollment since June is partly due to the early numbers from that month and the limited time families had to enroll their children in July.

She noted that from July 5 to 10 the District had 22 new enrollments, including five at Kromrey, four at Elm Lawn and Sunset Ridge and three at 4K and MHS.

She said because Park kindergarten numbers are lower than projected a staff member will move to West Middleton because of their growing numbers. She said the District decided to do it now in order to find a space for the extra section at West Middleton.

If Park adds five more kindergarten students, the staff member would move back to the school to keep class sizes there within District guidelines and West Middleton would hire a new teacher, Cyra said. Even with the change, Park still has the second-lowest class size among the six elementary schools, she noted.

West Middleton is already 14 over projection, which is more than any other school. Cyra also expects enrollment numbers to really increase in July and August as they have in prior years.

The District is projecting total enrollment of 7,229 and as of July 10 enrollment is already at 7,187.