Commission on Youth survey details shared

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Jeff Rogers, who is a member of the City of Middleton Commission on Youth board, shared information about a survey that nearly 700 residents took this spring at the Board of Education regular meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 13.

The meeting was moved from Monday, Aug. 12 due to multiple scheduling conflicts for Board members.
Rogers noted nearly 450 adults and another 242 students took the survey. Of those, 75 percent were from the City or Town of Middleton and almost 80 percent were white. Almost two-thirds had a household income of $100,000 and Rogers noted those numbers are generally consistent with the District's demographics.    

Nearly 80 respondents (9 percent) reported either being a child with special needs or having one in their household, with ADHD, dyslexia, autism and food allergies being the most common reported.    

Rogers noted efforts are underway to improve navigation of the City of Middleton website as respondents said it can be difficult to to learn about the activities available. Parents are also looking for more after-school activities that are preferably held at schools. E-mail remains the preferred source of program information, although flyers and recreation guides are also beneficial.

Respondents said barriers included the hours programs were offered and general unawareness of activities, however, cost was only a barrier for 12 percent of those who took the survey.    

Art, music and crafts were the activities most sought by families with pre-school aged children, while those with elementary-aged children wanted gymnastics, skiing and many of the offerings provided in the summer. High school students were looking for more internships, standardized test prep and volunteer opportunities.
He noted getting space, especially in District schools, continues to be a challenge.  
Rogers noted it is the first time the Commission on Youth has done a survey. They plan to offer another one in 2021. They also presented to the Middleton Common Council last week and are working to get the results published in the Middleton-Cross Plains Times-Tribune.