Board recognizes outgoing members

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The Board of Education recognized outgoing members Anne Bauer, Sean Hyland and Todd Smith, who decided not to run for re-election, at its regular meeting on Monday, April 12.

Bauer, Hyland and Smith each received a gift from the other six members. A representative from the School Board also spoke about each outgoing member.

"Anne has been a crusader for education and that only makes sense considering her background. You will be greatly missed,'' Bob Hesselbein said.

"The Board and community owe a debt to Sean. ... He based his decisions on what was best for kids, staff and the community,'' Paul Kinne said, noting Hyland served on the policy committee, Education Foundation board and also helped pass a referendum and hire two superintendents during his tenure.

"Todd has never looked at this position in any way other than to continue our great work and serve all of our students,'' Annette Ashley said, noting she first met Smith as part of the referendum YES Committee in 2012 and that he also serves on the MOM board.

Bauer began serving in 2012, Hyland in 2015 and Smith in 2016.

Each outgoing member also spoke briefly.