Board recognizes Mavroulis

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The Board of Education recognized Superintendent George Mavroulis, who is retiring at the end of the month, for his service to the District at the regular meeting on Monday, June 24.

"It takes a special person to put their heart and soul into a job and I really feel like you did that your entire career,'' Board vice president Annette Ashley said.

The Board surprised Mavroulis with a gift basket with a Wisconsin theme.
Mavroulis thanked the Board for their gift and noted he didn't think of the superintendent position as a 3-year job but as a continuation of the roles he played in the District since 1992.

"The responsibilities changed but I didn't,'' he said. "I've been fortunate enough to work with the best school board in the state. We are really, really lucky here. (New Superintendent Dana Monoague) knows she is walking into the best situation in Wisconsin.''

Mavroulis said he will return next May 2020 for his son's graduation and plans to attend a Board meeting and the Pope Farm Elementary School construction site while he is in Wisconsin.

In other news from Monday's meeting:

* The Board approved a donation of $11,479.50 from the Elm Lawn PTO for classroom libraries. Policy requires Board approval for any donation of more than $10,000.

* The Board approved a donation of $21,500 from the Park PTO for classroom libraries. Policy requires Board approval for any donation of more than $10,000.

* The Board approved a donation of $18,000 from the MHS Booster Club for the strength and conditioning program. Policy requires Board approval for any donation of more than $10,000.

* The Board approved a staff wage increase for 2019-20. Administration proposed a full level increase for all teaching staff and a 2.3 percent wage increase for all other employees. Administration would like the Board to consider additional wage increases once the state budget is passed.

* The Board approved intergovernmental agreements with Middleton and Cross Plains police to provide school resource officers at each middle school and MHS. The Board also approved the crossing guard intergovernmental agreement.

* The Board approved the public depositories for 2019-20.

State Bank of Cross Plains will serve as the primary depository. Bank of Montreal/Harris Bank will handle the purchasing card program. MLS Municipal Leasing Consultants will handle the lease purchase financing escrow. American Deposit Management will serve as the local investment fund for funds needed on a more short-term basis and reinvestment of bond proceeds. Wisconsin Investment Series Cooperative will handle cash flow management and investment of Wisconsin OPEB trust funds.

The Board is required annually to designate financial institutions/investment entities to serve as official depositories for school district funds and investments.

* The Board approved budget changes for 2018-19. In February and June, the Board approves a routine accounting procedure to utilize budget transfers to balance accounts. The majority of the current budget transfers results from reallocation of grant funds and unanticipated staffing changes and additions.

* The Board approved athletic tournaments hosted by MHS over the past year in Fund 96 as fundraisers.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction allows districts, with school board approval on an annual basis, to treat these tournaments as "fundraisers" thereby allowing the revenue to be accounted for in Fund 21, which accounts for gifts and other fundraising activities that are carried over from year-to-year. Most tournament funds raised are used for capital expenditures to enhance the facilities hosting the events.

* The Board approved a resolution with MLC Municipal Leasing Consultants.

Annually, the District enters into a 5-year lease purchase agreement for equipment and vehicles with a life span of greater than five years. The District received bids on June 14 for the upcoming fiscal year for lease-purchase financing for school buses, technology equipment and vehicles and equipment for the facilities department. MLC Municipal Leasing Consultants provided the low bid with an interest rate of 2.277 percent.

* The Board approved the school safety drill report.