Board recognizes Kohl nominees, PAEMST finalist

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The Board of Education recognized staff members Fred Bartman, Jill Gurtner, Erin Hommowun, Sonja Hungness and Heather Messer at its regular meeting on Monday,  Jan. 8

Hungness, a seventh-grade mathematics teacher at Kromrey, is a Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching finalist. Bartman, Hommowun and Messer have been nominated for Kohl Education Foundation teaching fellowship awards, while Gurtner has been nominated for a Kohl principal award. Jean Holman and Kristin Wilson, who have also been nominated, were unable to attend.

"I doubt any district in the state has as many staff up for these awards,'' Superintendent George Mavroulis said.

Bartman is a counselor at Kromrey, Hommowun is a math teacher at MHS, Messer is a science educator at CSCS, Wilson is the social worker at MHS and Holman is an eighth-grade literacy teacher at Kromrey. Gurtner is the principal at CSCS.

In other news from Monday's meeting:

* The Board spent a few minutes reviewing the presentation that five members, along with Middleton Education Association president JoEllen Pauls and vice president Jerry Moen, and Superintendent George Mavroulis will give at the WASB State Education Conference in Milwaukee next week.

Mavroulis e-mailed the presentation to the Board on Monday and noted Pauls and Moen developed it. Included in the presentation is a live link to a 3-minute video of the Board listening session. Mavroulis also shared an outline of the presentation and discussed what each person covers.

The session, "Building Trust by Listening to Your Employees,'' will be held on Thursday, Jan. 18 at 1:45 p.m.

* The Board approved the 2018-19 administrative contracts. The contracts don't include salary increases, which will be determined at a later date when the budget process is completed.

* The Board approved the resolutions to be supported at the WASB State Education Conference later this month in Milwaukee. The Board briefly reviewed the proposed resolutions and provided feedback. This year's delegate to the conference is Board president Bob Green.

* The Board approved a resolution authorizing the issuance and sale of $1,325,000 general obligation refunding bonds, Series 2018A. The sale closed on Monday.

Five bids were received and the lowest bid was from Bankers' Bank of Madison, which offered an interest rate of 1.933 percent. The highest bid was 2.322 percent. The District will save a little more than $36,000 by refinancing. That is lower than originally projected due largely to short-term interest rates increasing.

Ehlers representatives Tami Olszewski and Jeff Seeley were present to share updated post-sale financial information and answer questions.

* The Board approved a trip to Japan by MHS students over spring break this year. All foreign travel must be approved by the Board.

* The Board approved the Wisconsin School Nutrition Purchasing Cooperative agreement for 2018-19. The agreement must be approved annually and 53 schools and districts participate.