Board recognizes Kohl finalists

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The Board of Education recognized three staff members who are finalists for 2019 Kohl Eduational Foundation awards at its regular meeting on Monday, Jan. 14.

Kromrey fifth-grade teacher Carol Pincombe and MHS band teacher Doug Brown are finalists in the Teacher Fellowship Program, while West Middleton principal Katrina Krych is a finalists for the Principal Leadership Award.

Since 2015, six MCPASD staff  members -- Glacier Creek special education teacher Tim Ashe (2015), MHS and Kromrey German teacher Jolene Wochenske (2015), Kromrey principal Steve Soeteber (2016), MHS orchestra teacher Steve Kurr (2017), Glacier Creek band teacher Jeanne Hammes (2017) and Glacier Creek sixth-grade teacher Rhonda Veroeven -- have received Kohl Educational Foundation awards.

This year's recipients will be announced in late March or early April.

In other news from Monday's meeting:

* The Board and administration reviewed the Board goals, mission, vision and guiding beliefs and several proposed changes were suggested.

The updated mission, vision and goals were provided by administration after consultation with the Educational Services Department and the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support committee. Board members agreed that they liked the change to the mission and shared some ideas for modifying the vision statement. The Board liked the District belief statements more than the ones provided by the MTSS committee.

Superintendent George Mavroulis will work on the revisions and send them out prior to the next meeting on Jan. 28. All revisions will be made and brought back to the Board for consideration.
* The Board discussed reconvening its Policy Committee and decided not to convene a committee to review the policies at this time. Superintendent George Mavroulis said he thought the policies in place were sound and nothing needed to change with a new superintendent starting on July 1.

* All nine Board members confirmed they plan to participate in the superintendent interviews. The Board also discussed the dates and times for interviews in February and the process and feedback sessions.

* The Board recognized members of the YES Committee for their efforts in the fall prior to the two successful referendum questions. The capital and operational questions each passed with nearly 70 percent.

* The Board approved a resolution providing for the sale of $138.9 million general obligation and improvement bonds, Series 2019A. The sale calendar also includes an award resolution on Feb. 25 and a closing on March 21. Ehlers will assist the District in the sale of the bonds.

* The Board approved the 2017-18 audit report. The report was prepared by Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP. The Business & Employee Services Team reported there are no findings or recommendations in the report.

* The Board approved Wegner CPA as the District's auditing firm. The District issued a request for proposal for professional auditing services for a three-year contract starting with the 2018-19 school year. Seven proposals were received and four firms were interviewed.

Wegner CPA is a Madison-based firm, had the lowest cost proposal and has a philosophy similar to the District's related to an audit team approach with the goal of identifying best practices and efficiencies.

* The Board approved the administrative and supervisor contracts and benefits for 2019-20.  The contract approvals don't include salary increases, which will be determined at a later date when the budget process is complete.

* The Board approved the open enrollment space for 2019-20. There are no open enrollment spaces for regular or special education students. The Board also didn't make any changes to the District's open enrollment policy.

* The Board approved Bob Green as the school board delegate to vote on behalf of the entire Board on the 2019 resolutions as the WASB State Convention later this month. There are 22 resolutions in all.