Board receives enrollment update

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Assistant Superintendent of Operations Lori Ames provided her regular update on enrollment for the 2021-22 school year at the School Board meeting on Monday, June 28 at the District Services Center.

The expanded agenda for the meeting included a link to the latest enrollment report. Ames noted one chart on the first page has been updated to reflect how many students will be in-person along with those students who will be fully virtual in 2021-22. Ames also noted the current class sizes will grow as the chart only reflects students who will be in-person but that teachers who will be in the fully virtual program haven't been identified yet.

Ames noted the District isn't close to its projections for the next school year. She expects the gap to close but as of June 24 MCPASD is 287 students below K-12 projections, Ames said. The schools closest to projections are Park (minus-8), Pope Farm (minus-6) and CSCS (plus-4). MHS is currently 61 students below projections.

"We have had some tough conversations over the last few weeks,'' Ames said, noting there have been some staff resignations and that those positions won't be hired but rather shifting will occur among remaining staff.

Ames also reminded members that enrollment impacts the budget. The state uses a three-year rolling average, so it will have an impact over the next 3-5 years, she said. Ames speculated that families who moved their children to home-schooling or private or parochial schools aren't returning and that the housing market has also had an adverse impact on enrollment.