Board receives end-of-year MTSS report

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Educational Services team members Laura Love, Rainey Briggs, Barb Buffington, Cindy Malcheski and MaryBeth Paulisse presented information on Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for the past school year and plans and next steps for the 2019-20 school year at the Board of Education regular meeting on Monday, June 10.

Love noted one of the goals of the team was to align the District's mission, vision and beliefs with the MCPASD MTSS framework. She noted that the mission was updated to also include "community" in the statement, while the new vision is: Inclusive, innovative and inspiring schools where every student thrives.

She further explained when schools, families and community partners work together to support learning, students tend to be more successful, attend school more regularly, stay in school longer and enroll in higher level programs.

She also briefly reviewed the four guiding beliefs and explained how MTSS, Response to Intervention (RTI) and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) work together.
Buffington reviewed some of the achievements from the past year. She noted the District held its first Data Summit in August with school improvement teams and that training and analysis of the STAR assessment, which is given three times annually, is now taking place.

"Data is supporting the work being done,'' she said.

Malcheski reviewed next steps and goals for the coming year. She reviewed the Integrated Comprehensive Systems of Equity initiative and said school leaders and District administrators will attend a two-day conference on it later this summer. Another MCPASD Data Summit will take place in early August.

The ICS model will be implemented district-wide for first time this year, she said, and it will also be incorporated through staff professional development that includes 2 hours for each of six PD days in 2019-20. The ICS model is built around four cornerstones, and every staff member will participate.

"We believe this will make it a priority,'' she said. "It's very intentional.''

Paulisse noted the STAR assessment was given for the first time to students in kindergarten through 10th grade along with all CSCS students in literacy. K-10 and 9-12 at CSCS. It has literacy and mathematics components. There was a 5.1 percent increase for all students in literacy from the fall to spring, and a 3.7 percent increase for all students in math during that same period. All sub-groups also showed gains.

Paulisse said a real benefit of the STAR testing is that it doesn't just look at students by achievement but can also see growth from fall to spring compared with peers from across the nation.

"This team has done amazing work. So much of what we have done the past few years is building structures and putting systems in place,'' Mavroulis said.  

Director of Equity and Student Achievement Percy Brown will be a keynote speaker at the WASB Equity Symposium and Summer Leadership Institute -- in Appleton in July. Briggs and Brown will also present at the Dane County Equity Consortium meeting for school board members in September at Monona Grove.