Board holds staff listening session

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The Board of Education held listening sessions with CSCS and MHS staff for approximately 45 minutes before the start of their regular meeting at Kromrey Middle School on Monday, Feb. 22.

In addition, nearly 40 high school staff members completed an online form offering the same questions that were asked at the in-person listening sessions. The School Board has held listening sessions with staff across all levels for the past few years.

In other news from Monday's meeting:
* The Board unanimously approved a budget amendment for 2020-21. The Board approves routine accounting procedures to utilize budget transfers to balance accounts twice a year, in February and June. The majority of current budget transfers result from the reallocation of grant funds, 2020-21 wage increases in November and staff changes.  
* The Board unanimously approved the detachment of 100 Oaks Property from MCPASD to Madison Metropolitan. Assistant Superintendent of Operations Lori Ames presented the proposed detachment at the Finance Committee meeting on Feb. 18. This request is part of the agreement between MCPASD and MMSD that dates back to 1999. The change will take effect on July 1.  

* Board president Annette Ashley noted a new process for public comments. In the expanded agenda on the District website, residents can click on a link to make comments in writing, virtually or in-person. She reminded residents that virtual and in-person comments must be limited to 3 minutes in length.

Ashley noted one resident sent something on the school resource officer program. Four residents requested that students be brought back full time in-person as soon as possible. Another resident wrote about the District's equity efforts.
* As part of her Superintendent's report, Dana Monogue noted that Monday was the first day of in-person learning at Glacier Creek and Kromrey. She said there was lots of excitement among students and staff. She also commended staff for the work they did to make this happen and again recognized the Fully Virtual staff for their efforts.
The District will bring a recommendation to the School Board at its meeting on March 8 about bringing elementary students back into school buildings more than two days a week. Dr. Ellen Wald, the chair of UW-Madison's Department of Pediatrics, and Dr. Sabrina Butteris, who works at UW Health and the American Family Children's Hospital in Madison, will again attend the meeting to present and answer questions.

Monogue also noted the District will bring forward a recommendation on the school resource program at the March 8 meeting. The report will include data from surveys and information from focus groups. "This process involved many people and we are appreciative of the feedback we received,'' she said.

The video from the Feb. 22 meeting is available on the District's YouTube Channel: