Board gets official enrollment report

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Assistant Superintendent Sherri Cyra provided her regular update on enrollment to the Board of Education at its regular meeting on Monday, Oct. 16 and said the K-12 building enrollment increased by 182 students over a year ago.

Director of Business Services Lori Ames provided the Third Friday September official report to the Finance Committee earlier in the evening. The Third Friday count includes all students who live in the District, including those who open enroll to other schools. The District has 7,312 students overall, including 6,907 in its K-12 buildings and 355 in its 4K program.

Cyra said the elementary level was 20 students over projection and the middle schools were 28 over projections. The high school level was 3 students under projections. Kromrey and West Middleton were the schools most over projections.
Cyra said going forward the District will count 21st Century eSchool students as part of building enrollment. She believes that makes sense because many online students are in the schools regularly. She also noted enrollment hasn't shifted much from August to September and that has been consistent from the past few years.

She also analyzed how many students were gained from grade-to-grade and noted the increase in students going from eighth to ninth grade was less than usual this year. She also reported numbers for every grade were higher than projected by UW-Madison's Applied Population Lab, with the biggest differences occurring in 4K and seventh grade.

The District expects to have the APL enrollment projections report for 2018-19 by December.