Board gets enrollment update

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Enrollment dropped by 31 students from a month ago due to withdrawals but is still 140 students above where it was a year ago in July, Deputy Superintendent Sherri Cyra reported during her monthly update at the Board of Education regular meeting on Tuesday, July 23.
Cyra noted the numbers were updated as of Tuesday afternoon. She stressed that typically enrollment gains tend to be slow in July but start picking up again in August.

By Thursday afternoon, the District had 17 new students enrolled, Registrar Kathy Spahn reported.

She noted the July kindergarten numbers are now actual enrollment as in previous reports the District had been using the kindergarten census, which explains some of the decline. She expects kindergarten enrollment to pick up soon as many families who have children in MCPASD schools haven't registered their kindergarten-aged children yet. 

The District moved a section from fifth grade at Glacier Creek to Kromrey to even out class sizes. With the shift, the fifth-grade class sizes are comparable between the two schools, Cyra said. 

The District also used contingency funds to add a fifth section at third grade at Elm Lawn as classes were at 26, the maximum in the District's class size guidelines. Cyra said she continues to monitor enrollment and class sizes across the entire District weekly.   

The other big change was at MHS, where ninth-grade enrollment dropped by 27 students since the last report primarily due to withdrawals since the last report in June.