Board gets Education Foundation update

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Education Foundation board president Purna Byraiah, along with board members Carrie Brooker and Perry Hibner, provided their annual update on the accomplishments and goals of the organization at the Board of Education regular meeting on Tuesday, July 23.
Byraiah shared that the Foundation awarded 10 more grants worth more than $16,000 in the spring to District teachers, bringing the total awarded since 2013 to around $106,000. The Foundation also awarded five scholarships worth nearly $7,000 to graduating seniors in 2019 and has awarded approximately $18,000 in scholarships since 2015.
Hibner, who previously served as executive director, noted the Foundation has received more than $100,000 in donations in four of the past five years. The Foundation has two endowment funds with Madison Community Foundation worth about $325,000.
The Foundation also held two trivia contests at Good Neighbor Festival in August 2018, raised more than $20,000 through its annual appear for the third consecutive year, raised more than $15,000 for a second consecutive year to help support the Weekend Food Program, which helps more than 150 elementary students in the District, and co-hosted the tree lot at MHS for a fourth straight year.
Brooker has been working on more marketing materials for the Foundation to share with the community as it tries to ramp up its fundraising efforts.    
Byraiah announced that the Foundation held a retreat earlier this month and has begun investigating hiring a part-time executive director. The Foundation also decided to use all of the funds raised through this year's annual appeal to help with four initiatives -- band instruments, the MSAN National Student Conference, the Grow Your Own program and culturally responsive literature for K-8 classroom libraries -- identified by District administrators as priorities.  
School board members Anne Bauer and Sean Hyland, along with Superintendent Dana Monogue, also serve on the 17-member Foundation board and attended Tuesday's meeting.