Graduation Requirements

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Graduation Requirements

Requirement Area Requirements
English 4.0 credits: 1.0 English 9, 0.5 English 10 and 0.5 Communication Studies, 1.0 English 11 or AP Language and Composition, 1.0 English electives
Social Studies 3.0 credits: 1.0 Modern World  History,  0.5 Contemporary US History, 0.5 US Government & Politics, 1.0 other social studies electives
Health 0.5 credit 
Physical Education 1.5 credits: 0.5 Foundations of Movement, 1.0 other PE electives taken over two different years
Mathematics 3.0 credits: through Algebra II, Tech College Math or higher
Science 3.0 credits: 1.0 life science, 1.0 physical science, 1.0 other science electives
Financial Literacy 0.5 credit: Personal Finance, Consumer Financial Literacy, or Economics (completed during junior or senior year)
Additional Required Courses


1.0 credit CTE

1.0 credit Fine Arts


Level III World Language or higher

0.5 credit CTE

   0.5 credit Fine Arts 

Advisory 0.25 credits
Service Learning 40 hours 
Civics test Successful completion of Civics Test

23.75 Credits 

Career and Technical Education (CTE): Business/Marketing/Information Technology, Family & Consumer Science/Health Science Occupations, Engineering & Technology

Fine Arts: Art, Music or Theatre                             

Financial Literacy: Personal Finance (BMIT Dept), Consumer Financial Literacy (FCS Dept), or Economics (SST Dept).