Current News

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This is primarily to provide you with new information regarding MHS/CSCS psychological services and Section 504 Coordination. 

Nick Wasmund (Waz) – School Psychologist has joined us this school year and will be a member of the Red Maple team at MHS.  Waz will also service Clark Street Community School.   He will be Coordinating the Section 504 process and administering education accommodation plans for RM students/families.    

Carrie Pyka – school psychologist will continue to function as a part of the White Spruce house team including administering WS student education accommodation plans, and coordinating the Section 504 process for WS students/families.

In the past Pat Godar has functioned as Section 504 Coordinator for MHS, and Dora Boehnen for CSCS.  This will no longer be the case.

Waz’s contact information is, 608-829-9787

Carrie’s contact information is, 608-829-9859

Waz and Carrie’s offices are located in what WAS the athletic/business office (by 4 corners), and is now an extension of the student services department.