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Middleton  High School
Senior  Photo  Guidelines: Traditional or Digital

Yearbook Deadline: September 14

Senior photos must be delivered to the high school by the third Friday in September. They can be:

  • turned into the main office if they are marked attention: Yearbook,
  • emailed to with “senior photo” in the subject, or mailed to 2100 Bristol  Street, Middleton,  WI 53562

If students will not make the deadline but would like the yearbook staff to save a place, please email the staff at the above email address


Both digital or traditional portraits MUST meet the following specifications to ensure quality reproductions.

Traditional Portrait Checklist
Please submit two wallet size (2x3 inches) photographs, that have been traditionally processed, with the student’s full name and phone number written on tape with a black or blue ball point pen and then placed on the back of the photo. DO NOT WRITE DIRECTLY ON THE BACK OF THE PHOTO. An inkjet printout or reproduction will not suffice.

Digital File Checklist

a. Portrait images should be at least 640×800 pixels (2.5 inches wide by 3 inches high at 300 DPI)  and can be JPG, TIF, or PNG.

b. Please save files with student’s last name FIRST, Student’s first name LAST with an underscore (_) in between the first and last names. Ex:  doe_john.tif.

Hints For Successful Submissions
a. The students’ heads should be between 1.25 and 1.5 inches tall in a 2x3 inch photo.

b. The orientation of the portrait is vertical. Landscape orientation (horizontal) will result in the student’s head looking extremely large.

  • For seniors submitting more than one pose: yearbook will not be held responsible for which pose is published.
  • For seniors who do not submit a senior picture by the third Friday in September, a regular school identification photo will be used if possible.
  • For seniors who are interested in having their senior picture taken through the yearbook, please stop in to room 1205 after school or email It is our pleasure to offer this service at no charge.
  • Yearbook reserves the right to refuse publication of indecent or inappropriate senior portrait submissions.

Download Yearbook Information

Yearbook is a class you can sign up for at Middleton High School and there are 4 levels of classes offered.  If you do not have the time in your schedule you can join Yearbook Club and come into the yearbook room during ASR to get involved. Students from all grade levels and are encouraged to participate.

Yearbook Scholarships

These are available on a first-come first-served basis based on financial need. Please pick up a form outside room 1205 or download one.  

*Please drop form in the yearbook box outside room 1205 or it can be turned into the main office or mailed. Please label " Attention: Yearbook."

Yearbook Scholarship Form

Yearbooks can be bought by going to the click on the Pay Fees button. Pre-ordering is the only way to make sure that you have a yearbook reserved for you.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the yearbook adviser Robin Kourakis at


Thank You,

Yearbook Staff