Mountain Bike Club

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MHS Mountain Bike Club is a club for anyone interested in mountain biking or just biking in general. We aim to welcome and find a place for you no matter your biking experience. The purpose of our club is to have a friendly and inviting environment for inexperienced bikers to learn and more experienced bikers to have fun and maybe pick up some new tricks. Our club will get you outside and on your bike as often as you like. We only ask a minimum of attending at least one session a month once we transition into in person sessions. We hope we can bring the joy and thrill of mountain biking to you and the rest of Middleton High School in Spring 2021.
Email us here to sign up:
For more information, check out our Instagram '@middleton.mtb' or contact us at our email:
Jordan Miller (Sophomore)
Garrett Rose (Sophomore)
Finn Patenaude (Sophomore)
Daniel Lynam (Physical Education & Health):