Ecology Club and Envirothon

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As sustainability stewards of MHS, our mission is to:
Include the entire community in connecting with the natural world. 
Inspire others to consciously consider their impact on the environment.
Innovate to find creative solutions to current environmental challenges. 
Consider joining Ecology Club if you are interested in exploring nature, and enjoy tackling environmental challenges at the school, community, and global level.
Several leadership positions are available:
Captain-- coordinates with advisors other chairs to facilitate and lead club meetings to make sure goals are achieved.
School Sustainability- spearheads and organizes sustainability efforts within the school (ex. Recycling. Energy use, etc.)
Community Outreach-builds connections with local community groups to build relationships that would lead to volunteer/service opportunities (Pheasant Branch Conservancy, IATA, Wild Birds etc..)
Education-collaborates with professors and other masters of various fields in order to offer educational opportunities to students at MHS concerning environmental topics.
Fundraising/Support-helps raise club funds as well as donated funds that support local conservation efforts (ex. Just Coffee Sale, T-shirt sale etc)
Past Projects Include:
Annual Organic Dinner
Recycling Initiatives to increase recycling and reduce plastic use.
Climate Change Education and Awareness
Wisconsin Envirothon is our state’s ultimate middle and high school environmental science challenge where teams of five high school or middle school students participate in the hands-on,  outdoor field challenges designed by natural resources professionals and educators. The exams are based on four categories, Forestry, Soils/Land Use, Aquatic Ecology and Wildlife. The teams also participate in creating a group presentation based on a pre-selected conservation topic, a current issue local conservation professionals are dealing with across the state. The team presentations provide students an opportunity to articulate today’s critical environmental concerns and to develop the skills to communicate the conservation ethic in whatever scholastic, career or civic choices lie ahead.  This event offers an opportunity to start developing leadership skills to champion a more sustainable and environmentally aware community. Winners advance to the North American Envirothon /Regional Envirothon to compete in scholarships and prizes.
Service Learning Opportunities:
November - Organic Dinner: 5 hours


Leah Williams:  829 9954

Tim Berto: