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Introduction Video:
Did you know that people fear public speaking more than death? At the MHS Debate Team, we work on conquering this fear and winning a few awards in the process. Not only can debate be a massive help towards all your English classes (really any class that requires research or writing) it is also a huge plus for resumes and college applications.
Our goal is to help everyone: from those who may struggle with speaking in front of others, to those who feel completely comfortable giving presentations. We want all of you to succeed in this activity, which is helpful in all professional fields.
Tournaments are on select weekends from early September to late January. Students are able to compete for finalist and speaker awards through these competitions. Additionally, these tournaments provide a chance for the students to qualify for the state tournament and the National Speech and Debate National Tournament (June 14-19).
The MHS Debate team meets every Tuesday from 5:30-7:30 in the CLC and every Thursday from 4-5:30 in the CLC.
Just drop in to learn more! 
Note: We may not accept new debaters for this year (2019-20)
Website & Schedule
This is the MHS speech and debate team website which has tons of information about debate and our competition schedule: Any questions you have will most likely be answered here.
If you are interested in joining debate, please join the Remind by texting @23kebb to 810-10! You can quit at any time but our Remind will send out important info regarding meetings and deadlines, so sign up!
Social Media 
Brittany Newman
Phone:  210 317 9118