Service Hours Requirement

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Service Learning Hours Requirement

The Middleton Cross Plains Area School District has made a commitment to Service to our community by adding Service Learning hours to the graduation requirements beginning with the Class of 2015.    All students are required to earn 40 hours of Service.

Hours may be earned in two ways.  Classroom Service-Learning Projects and Individual Community Service Projects.

Classroom Service-Learning Projects:  

Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.  Service learning projects must be connected to the curriculum, must be meaningful to both the students and to the community, and must include a reflection.

A number of classes at MHS offer the opportunity to participate in service learning projects.  Courses which offer this opportunity are listed throughout the MHS course book.  Hours might be completed in class or outside of class time, depending on the nature of the project.  NOTE:  these classes offer the opportunity; however, students must choose to participate in these hours.  In any class, service learning opportunities may arise as the course progresses. 

To view the courses that plan to offer Classroom Service Learning projects, click on this link: Course Offerings

Teachers will enter the hours that you earn in their classes for you.  These hours will appear on the the SERVICE LEARNING HOURS tab on the portal after grades are posted at the end of each semester.

Individual Service Learning Projects:

It is the intent that students will have the ability to earn all of their required service learning hours through classroom service learning projects. However, there are instances where a student may choose to do service learning projects on their own. It also may be helpful to join clubs that focus their attention on service projects. Key Club, DECA, Global Outreach and the Current Events clubs all offer service learning projects. No pre-approval is necessary but students are responsible for making sure their project falls within the guidelines listed below and keeping track of their own hours. 


Guidelines for Service Learning Hours     

Hours may be earned for:

  • Volunteering as a Tutor 
  • Volunteering as a Coach
  • Volunteering at the Community Library, Senior Center, Historical Society, Recreation Department, Youth Center, Art Center or Town Hall
  • Volunteering with charity organizations (e.g. United Way, or other philanthropic organizations)
  • Volunteer hours from NHS, BSU, Key Club and other MHS Clubs/Activities
  • The service portion of mission trips
  • Service projects associated with Scouting
  • Improving parks, public reserves, or facilities
  • Mowing a senior citizen’s lawn
  • Participating in a food drive
  • Building a home with Habitat for Humanity
  • Volunteering at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter
  • Volunteering to assist disabled individuals, or those in nursing homes
  • Volunteering to assist a teacher at school, to work at a school event,or to improve facilities
  • Civic engagement volunteering (if non-partisan and/or if part of a service learning project in a class) 

Please note: This is not an exclusive list, and many other examples may qualify. (Please check with the Service Learning Coordinator if you have any questions.)

Church sponsored activities similar to or the same as the above would count.

Hours may not be earned for:

  • Any service with a material or monetary reward. 
  • An activity that advances or inhibits religion (e.g. participation in a religious service or conducting religious instruction)
  • Court-referred community service hours
  • Fundraising for Middleton High School clubs, sports or organizations.
  • Hours working for a business or organization that earns a profit.
  • Hours helping a family member in a role that typically any family member would do, e.g. babysitting for a sibling, household chores, etc.
  • Hours worked prior to the first day of your Freshman year.

Individual Service Learning Tracking Form

Students can track their Individual service learning hours on the Service Learning  Hours Tracking Form.  When you have completed your hours hold onto your form for your records and submit your hours online.  

Click HERE: to submit your service learning hours.

(Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Safari browsers will work best.) 

This form is for hours you earn on your own.   Individual service learning hours that you submit on this webpage or hand in via the paper form will appear on the portal on the SERVICE LEARNING HOURS tab,  after they have been approved. 

If you have any problems with submitting your hours please see Michele Dresen in the Admin Office.