Service FAQ

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                                                           Service Hours Requirement | Community Needs

How do I check my Service Learning hours?
Service Learning hours can be viewed on the Portal.  Click on the Service Learning Hours tab on the left side of the screen.  

Are Service Learning Hours automatically sent with transcripts?
Your record of Service Learning is not automatically sent with transcripts.   If you would like to include your record of service hours, do a screen print  of your hours and include it as an attachment with your college/employment applications.  If you need something on MHS letterhead, please contact Ms. Middleton at

Will I have to track the Service Learning hours that I earn in a class?  
No.  Teachers will enter those hours at the time that they enter grades.  A running total of your hours will appear on your Unofficial Transcript about a week after grades are posted.

What if you don't have enough Service Learning hours?
Start an Individual Service Learning project!  Summer is a great time to catch up on your hours.  Not sure what to do for a project?  

How do I keep track of my Individual Service Learning hours?
Click Here for the tracking form.

Do I need to get a pre-approval for Individual Service Learning work?

Do I need to complete a reflection for Individual Service Learning work?

Can religious hours or mission trips 'count' towards service hours?
It depends on the situation!  Hours spent spreading religious ideas cannot be sanctioned as a school project.  However, many trips include non-profit community improvement work (not related to religion) which may relate to MHS classes.  

I am a transfer student.  Do I still need 40 service hours to graduate?
Your required Service hours will be pro-rated based on the amount of full years you will attend MHS.  You will be required to earn 10 hours for each full year you have attended, not to exceed the maximum requirement for your class.  For example:  If you are in the Class of 2015, and you transferred to MHS the beginning of your Sophomore year, you would normally need 30 Service hours since you will attend  MHS 3 full years.  Since the Class of 2015’s required hours have been reduced to 20, you will be responsible for 20 Service hours.

I am an incoming Freshman.  Can I submit Community Service hours earned the summer before 9th grade?
No.  You can begin counting Community Service hours earned after the first day of school in September.  It's still a great idea to get involved and volunteer over the summer. You'll learn what kinds of organizations that you would like to continue supporting as well as make connections for earning hours in the future.