School Supplies

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Suggested Supplies for the Middleton High School Student
With over 200 course offerings at MHS, supply needs vary greatly. Best practice at the high school level is to attend each class first to determine specific need, and also buy supplies that fit your personal organization strategy. The following list may serve as a good start when considering supplies you may need.
Personal Organization
• Paper (loose leaf, spiral, graph)

• Binders / folders (personal preference)

• Sticky Notes - Post-its

• Notecards

• Highlighters

• Writing utensils (pens and pencils)

• Headphones

Supplies to consider at home
• Scissors

• Stapler

• Paper clips

• Writing utensils, including colored pencils

Department and / or Course Specific Supplies
Art 2-D Media: sketchbook
Art Photo 1: photo paper, 35mm film and 35mm camera
Business Accounting: 2-inch 3 ring binder for portfolio
FCS Medical Occupations: 2-3 non-latex gloves
FCS Certified Nursing Assistant: see MATC course information page
Math (all courses) - graphing calculator, 3-hole punched graph paper, 3-ring binder
PE/Health (all courses) - school issued PE lock (blue) 
Science Biology, Chemistry, and Biotech: 1.5” binder
Science Chemistry and all Physics: TI30 or graphing calculator
Science Field Biology: Composition notebook
PLTW Engineering (all): TI-30x or graphing calculator
Some extra supplies will be necessary each year, but the specific requirements will differ from various courses and grades. This list is a guideline. Check with your teachers for specifics!

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