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General and Local Scholarship Opportunities

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General Scholarship Opportunities

The Middleton High School student services counseling office receives information regarding various scholarship opportunities. Please note that the information we provide is not all inclusive – it only includes scholarship information that was provided by outside scholarship sponsors. See below for instructions on how you and/or your student are able to access non-local scholarship information.

General Scholarship Application Procedures

  1. Scholarship listings are posted online.   
  2. Note the application deadline and scholarship criteria.
  3. Identify if the application is to be mailed directly by you or returned to the student services counseling office.
  4. If a school counselor needs to validate the scholarship, take it to your counselor at least five school days prior to the due date.
  5. If you need a letter of recommendation, ask the appropriate person at least two weeks prior to the application deadline. Provide the teacher with a list of your extracurricular activities, honors and awards.
  6. If requested, order a transcript from Darcy Middleton in the student services counseling office.

Scholarships can be awarded based on various criteria - economic need, academic merit, community service, intended major, etc. Scholarships are awarded by a wide range of sources and therefore, it is important to research scholarship opportunities. We encourage you to consider scholarship opportunities through:

  1. the college/university that you will be attending (financial aid office and/or departmental scholarships),
  2. parent/guardian and/or student employer,
  3. parent/guardian and/or student clubs, activities and service organizations, and
  4. various websites including Fastweb; Finaid; Find Your Resource for College Scholarships; Free College Scholarships; and Scholarship Experts.

Local Scholarship Application Program and Instructions

As you look forward to the completion of your high school career and the next chapter of your life, Middleton Cross Plains Area School District wants you to know that we are proud of your accomplishments and we want to support your post-secondary goals. We are very fortunate to be part of a community of individuals and organizations who offer many scholarships to our graduating seniors planning to continue their education at any college, university or technical school. Scholarship award amounts range from $100 to $4,000.

The Scholarship Committee, which is comprised of representatives from high school level teaching staff, student services staff , and administration, will use this local scholarship application to select the recipient(s) for each scholarship. It is necessary to submit only one application to be considered for any of the scholarship awards; please note that in order to insure an equitable process, no senior will receive more than one award.  

The local scholarship application can be accessed through the Middleton High School web site under “Quick Links” or on the Clark Street Community School web site under " Post Secondary Planning". You will be able to access the application beginning February 10.  Students are asked to open the application and save it to your computer PRIOR to completing it. This will allow you to complete the application at your discretion – just be sure to save your work each time! If you are having difficulty accessing parts of the application, please close it and try to open it in a different browser.  The appearance of your application should be neat and professional as scholarship sponsors will receive a copy of award recipients’ applications. Your name and other personally identifying information should appear on only the application cover page and not on any other scholarship materials or in any of your essays. Please provide complete information relative only to your high school experience. Upon completion of the application, please print a copy and return it to Darcy Middleton at (MHS Students) or Sheila Gould-Miller at (CSCS Students).

Within school guidelines, each sponsoring organization or individual established the selection criteria for scholarship awards.  Many, though not all, of the scholarship criteria include GPA, intended major/program of study, co-curricular activities, community service, leadership and citizenship.  The more clairity you can provide on how you have demonstrated these attributes, the stronger your application will be.  Application essays are expected to be written in thorough, well written manner. While students are required to complete their own applications, you may seek assistance with proofreading and editing your work.

The deadline for submitting applications is 4:15PM on March 12 2021.  Applications must be submitted directly to Darcy Middleton or Sheild Gould-Miller - we ask that you plan accordingly as late applications will not be reviewed

Congratulations on your decision to pursue your post secondary goals.  Best wishes in this as well as other future endeavors!

MHS Local Scholarship Recipients - Class of 2020 - 2020 Local Scholarship Award Winners.pdf

MHS Local Scholarship Recipients - Class of 2019 - 2019 Scholarships Award Winners.pdf

MHS Local Scholarship Recipients - Class of 2018 - 2018 Scholarship Recipients.pdf

MHS Local Scholarship Recipients - Class of 2017 - 2017 Local Scholarship Award Winners.pdf

MHS Local Scholarhsip Recipients - Class of 2016 - 2016 Local Scholarship Award Winners.pdf

MHS Local Scholarship Recipients - Class of 2015 - 2015 Scholarship Recipients.pdf