College Visits

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The following is a list of colleges that will have representative to talk with students interested in attending their college.  If you have questions, please email Ms. Middleton or your counselor.

Virtual College Visits   


Scheduled Virtual Visits

Date College Virtual visit details
4/6/21 Savannah College of Art and Design Tuesday, April 6, 2021 @ 2:15 p.m. -
4/6/21 University of Kentucky Tuesday, April 6, 2021 @ 2:14 p.m. -
4/6/21 UW-Stout Tuesday, April 6, 2021 @ 2:30 p.m. -
4/12/21 UW-Plattevill Monday, April 12, 2021 @ 1:00 p.m. -
4/14/21 UW-Platteville Wednesday, April 14, 2021 @ 3:15 p.m. -
4/22/21 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Thursday, April 22, 2021 @ 2:14 p.m. -


Virtual Visits

Virtual Information
Columbia College Virtual visits/Open House -  
Auburn University
Schedule a visit to Auburn University
Hamilton College
Michigan Technological University
University of California - Santa Barbara
Kenyon College
Washington University in St. Louis
UW Milwaukee
Columbia College
University of Missouri
Calvin University
Pomona College
Middlebury College
Michigan Tech University
University of Alabama
Upper Iowa University - Madison
University of Tampa
Loyola University Chicago
UW Green Bay
Winona State University
Edgewood College
Iowa State
University of North Dakota
Northwestern University
University of Florida
UW LaCrosse
visit click here to register. If you can't make the visit click here for information
Northern Michigan University
University of Oregon Counselor zoom/phone meeting - Virtual Visit -
Lawrence University In person, virtual and events information -  
University of Nebraska-Lincoln  

attendance will be noted to ensure that you are not marked absent.  In order to ensure accurate attendance, please comply with the following procedures:

  • If the college visit is at the start of a class period, report directly to the student services office and sign-in accordingly.  You will receive a pass to return to class at the end of the college visit.
  • If the college visit is in the middle of a class period, see Ms. Middleton for a pass in advance.  Report to class first and leave with your pass at the indicated time.  You must still sign-in to ensure accurate attendance.

For all college visits, please approve your absence with your teacher ahead of time

Previous College Visits

Tuesday September 10th 9:00 am Brandies University
Tuesday September 10th 10:00 am Air Force Academy
Wednesday September 11th 10:00 am Butler University
Monday September 16th 8:25 am UW-Platteville
Monday September 16th 2:15 pm St. Norberts College
Tuesday September 17th 8:25 am UW-Stevens Point
Wednesday September 18th 8:25 am School of the Art Institute-Chicago
Wednesday September 18th 10:00 am UW-Whitewater
Wednesday September 18th 1:00 pm St. Benedicts/St. John's
Wednesday September 18th 2:00 pm St. Thomas University
Thursday September 19th 9:00 am Colby College
Thursday September 19th 1:30 pm Johns Hopkins University
Thursday September 19th 2:00 pm Illinois Wesleyan University
Friday September 20th 8:25 am Cornelle College
Friday September 20th 12:00 pm Princeton University
Friday September 20th 12:30 pm Colorado College
Friday September 20th 2:00 pm Vanderbilt University
Monday September 23rd 8:25 am Middlebury College
Monday September 23rd 10:00 am Knox College
Monday September 23rd 12:30 pm Villanova University
Monday September 23rd 1:00 pm Drake University
Monday September 23rd 2:00 pm Edgewood College
Tuesday September 24th 8:25 am University of Chicago
Tuesday September 24th 10:00 am University of Iowa
Wednesday September 25th 9:30 am Williams College
Wednesday September 25th 1:30 pm St. Ambrose University
Wednesday September 25th 2:30 pm UW-LaCrosse
Thursday September 26th Lunch Hours U.S. Army
Friday September 27th 8:25 am Dartmouth College
Monday September 30th 12:45 pm University of Oregon
Monday September 30th 2:45 pm Pomona College
Tuesday October 1st 8:30 am Northland College
Tuesday October 1st 10:30 am University of Notre Dame
Tuesday October 1st 2:30 pm Northern Iowa University
Wednesday October 2nd 9:00 am Washington University in St. Louis
Wednesday October 2nd 10:00 am UW-Oshkosh
Wednesday October 2nd 10:30 am MN College of Art & Design
Wednesday October 2nd 1:00 pm Grinnell College
Wednesday October 3rd 1:00 pm Boston Uiversity
Monday October 7th 11:00 am Miami University
Tuesday October 8th 8:25 am Hamline University
Tuesday October 8th 9:30 am UW-Madison
Tuesday October 8th 11:30 am Michigan State University
Wednesday October 9th 8:30 am Boston College
Wednesday October 9th 9:30 am DePaul University
Wednesday October 9th 10:30 am Case Western Reserve University
Wednesday October 9th 3:15 pm Emory University
Thursday October 10th 9:00 am Columbia College
Thursday October 10th 10:15 am Loyola University
Monday October 14th 9:00 am Elon University
Monday October 14th 10:45 am St. Olaf College
Monday October 14th 1:00 pm Kenyon College
Monday October 14th 2:00 pm UW-Milwaukee
Tuesday October 15th 10:45 am Ripon College
Tuesday October 15th 2:00 pm Carleton College
Wednesday October 16th 1:00 pm UW-Stout
Wednesday October 16th 2:30 pm Luther College
Thursday October 17th Lunch Hours U.S. Navy
Thursday October 17th 2:00 pm UW-Superior
Friday October 18th 8:30 am Marian University
Friday October 18th 10:00 am Swarthmore College
Friday October 18th 12:42 pm Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design
Monday October 21st 8:25 am UW- Eau Claire
Tuesday October 22nd 1:00 pm Lewis and Clark College
Thursday October 24th 9:30 am Marquette University
Thursday October 24th 11:00 am Northwestern University
Thursday October 24th 1:00 pm Michigan Tech University
Friday October 25th 8:30 am Iowa State University
Friday October 25th 1:30 pm Wesleyan University
Friday October 25th 2:30 pm University of Southern California
Friday October 25th 3:00 pm Haverford College
Tuesday October 29th 8:25 am Maclaester College
Tuesday October 29th 2:30 pm University of Minnesota - TC
Wednesday October 30th 8:25 am George Washington University
Wednesday October 30th 12:45 pm University of Alabama
Thursday November 7th 8:25 am Carthrage College
Friday November 8th 10:30 am Apprenticeship
Thursday November 14th 9:00 am University of Dubuque
Wednesday November 20th Lunch Hours U.S. Army
Monday November 25th 9:00 am U.S. Naval Academy
Monday November 25th 10:00 am West Point Academy
Thursday December 12th Lunch Hours U.S. Marines
Wednesday December 18th 10:00 am Savannah College of Art & Design
Wednesday January 8th 8:25 am Columbia College
  March 9th 8:30 am UW-Milwaukee
  March 11th 2:00 pm University of Northern Iowa


Canceled Visits

Tuesday March 17th 1:30 pm UW-Stout
Wednesday April 1st 10:00 am University of Alabama
Tuesday April 7th 10:45 am UW-Oshkosh
Wednesday April 8th Lunch Hours U.S. Navy
Tuesday April 14th 10:00 am Bellin College