Homecoming 2017

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Homecoming is Oct. 2-7

Day Theme Events

Cheesehead/WI pride day

Window decorating

Announcing of CARDS COURT

Tuesday Tropical Window decorating




Tickets for dance sold at lunches (or purchase online at Feepay)
Freshmen Tailgate 5 pm
Homecoming Parade at 6 pm
Spirit Night at 6:30
Inflatables 6:30 - 7:45 p.m
8 pm Powder Puff Game
Thursday  Spacejam (Space & PJ day) Tickets for dance sold at lunches (or purchase online at Feepay)
Friday  Red & White Day
Tickets for dance sold at lunches (or purchase online at Feepay)
Homecoming Pep Assembly
Homecoming Football game at 7 pm

Homecoming Dance at MHS from 8-11 p.m. 

Fashion Impressions is running Coat check and Photobooth. Please bring singles to Homecoming to pay.



Parade 6 pm

Cards Court

What is Cards Court?  Cards Court is in replacement of Homecoming Court.  Students nominate students to be on the court, based on the following criteria.  It is a way to recognize our diverse and talented students and ecnourage all to be good people.  The first round of nominations concluded Sept. 20 and Round 2 of voting will take place Sept. 26/27, where students will select their top choice.
C- Charismatic   Someone who influences and leads others around in a positive direction)
A- Artistic  Someone who has made an impact in the fine arts community
R - Rare  Dare to be different
D - Dazzling  Someone whose personality shines all the time
S - Supportive  Someone who promotes a safe and inclusive school culture

Window Design Competition

Each grade level has a window (in student services) that is painted for Homecoming Week.

Each advisory has the chance to design their Grade Level's window


Submit a design for a homecoming window that includes:

  • Your grade level
  • The theme: Outerspace
  • The Homecoming rivalry: Beloit Memorial


Start ASAP!

Designs are due Sept. 20


The Homecoming Dance - Saturday, October 7 from 8-11 p.m. MHS Courtyard

Tickets are $10 and available on Feepay.  Tickets will also be sold on Wednesday, Oct. 4 - Friday, October 6 during both lunches.  

Things to Remember:

  • Bring your ticket to the Dance
  • Bring your ID to the Dance
  • Fill out a  guest form if you are bringing someone from another school