Achievement Connections

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About Achievement Connections:

Achievement Connections is a math tutoring program that provides students with support in their math course through one-on-one tutoring with a volunteer tutor. Through volunteer members of the community along with MHS support and parent engagement, Achievement Connections is a free program aimed at developing learning strategies that help students succeed in math.  Achievement Connections works in close partnership with the math department in order to provide targeted support and structured tutoring for our students.  Achievement Connections is focused primarily on 9th and 10th grade students who are enrolled in Algebra I and Geometry, although we do tutor students in Algebra II as well.

How it works

Students can join Achievement Connections in three primary ways:

Math Department Referral: our math teachers are highly engaged in their classrooms, and are aware of students who would benefit from additional, one-on-one math support.  Math teachers can refer students to Achievement Connections directly.  Ms. Vang will then contact the student and enroll him/her in Achievement Connections.

Counselor Referral: A student’s counselor can place a tutor request for Achievement Connections to get the process started in getting him/her help.

Students: Student requests for tutors are often the most effective way of creating a positive relationship among Coordinator, student and tutor. When students recognize that they would benefit from Achievement Connections, it empowers them to gain help and take responsibility for their own education.

After receiving a referral, I get in contact with the student and set up a time for me to speak with them personally. At that time I determine their intentions with the program, their goals and what kind of tutor they might gain the best experience from. After some expectations are discussed, I will match your student with a tutor. 

Parents-Get Involved

Achievement Connections matches volunteer math tutors with students in order to create a strong, ongoing relationship between the students and their tutors that facilitates a positive math tutoring experience.  We work with students who are struggling in their math courses, and work on building the academic skills needed for these students to succeed.  Our volunteers are playing a vital role in contributing to the local community through both relationship-building and education.

Volunteer tutors are asked to commit at least an hour a week for a semester to tutoring at Middleton High School. You don’t have to be a math expert, as training and resources are provided.


Want to see if your student might benefit from Achievement Connections? Have questions about our program? Want to volunteer?  Please feel free to contact Ms. Shing Vang at Middleton High School.

Achievement Connections Tutor Coordinator Contact Information:  
Pa Kou Her