Writing exhibit at MHS Gallery 2000

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This first exhibit of 2020 at MHS Gallery 2000 is the third annual Creative Writing Show and features works from more than 80 students.

Three sections of students in Jen Mathison-Ohly's creative writing classes developed the materials. Creating Writing is a semester-long English elective for juniors and seniors where students write narratives, short stories, and poetry. The exhibit is titled, "Ten Things We've Been Meaning to Say to You.''

"The students did a great job with their pieces, and Peter Ludt did a fantastic job, as always, making the show look awesome,'' Mathison-Ohly said.

New this year, the show will be open to the public on two dates --  Thursday, Jan. 9 and Tuesday, Jan. 14 from 6 to 7 p.m. The exhibit will be on display until the end of January.

The idea for writing about “10 things” came from a blog post by Jason Reynolds that students read in class, Mathison-Ohly said. Reynolds is the award-winning author of All American Boys, Long Way Down, and Miles Morales-Spiderman.  Students used it as a journal prompt before realizing they wanted to keep exploring the idea, she said.

"The result of that writing is the show you see today: insightful, eclectic, provocative, and honest, these interpretations of 'ten things' have taken on many different meanings, and yet all the writing is reflective, expressing a range of feelings from fear to hope, frustration to gratitude, sadness to happiness, and regret to forgiveness,'' Mathison-Ohly said.