Signup is happening now for AP Exams

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Signup is happening now for MHS Students interestedf in taking AP exams in the Spring.  

The 2021 AP exam dates are: May 3-7 and May 10-14

Test registration takes place online from now through October 30 at

These dates apply to 1st semester and full year courses.  The dates for 2nd semester course are TBD.  

 If you are a student registering for an AP exam and not enrolled in the course for which you are registering, please select the "Exam Only" option.

Most testing will be held at Marriott West, Middleton.   World Language exams and other small exams may be held at MHS or the District Services Center on South Ave. 

COST = $125.00 per exam, financial assistance available

Students with Disabilities, 504 Plans and Educational Accommodation Plans must   apply for accommodations by February 10th.

For more information please contact 

Jessica Ripp or Nicole Morehouse