MiFi internet-access devices to be available soon

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Middleton High School will have a limited number of MiFi devices available for students to check out in order to access the internet away from school later this month.

A MiFi is a mobile wireless hotspot generator to provide Internet access across a cellular signal. MCPASD has contracted with Verizon to provide MiFis to be checked out to students through the MHS LMC.

The internet traffic will be routed through our internet filter, providing the same level of access and filtering a student would get on our network. All use of the MiFis is expected to comply with Policy 363.1: Safe and Acceptable Use of the Internet and Electronic Resources.

These are intended for students who do not have internet access at home and because they need a good 3G, preferably 4G signal, they will not work in all households.  

The MiFis are valued at $300, but because they are cellular and can be tracked, we will be able to easily shut off internet access and track them to the last known location.  

That said the student assumes responsibility for the device if it is damaged, lost or stolen. Because MCPASD wants to encourage the use of these devices to address a significant need in our community, if the full cost of the MiFi would pose a significant burden to the student, MCPASD will seek an arrangement that is more in line with the student's resources while promoting responsible use of the MiFi.

The MiFis will be ready for checkout in a couple of weeks, but this form needs to be signed before a student can check one out.


If you have questions about this program, please e-mail Director of Technology Services Jim Blodgett.