MHS orchestra performs at Winter Teas

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Two different MHS orchestras performed at the annual Winter Teas at three District elementary schools this past week.

West Middleton held its Winter Tea on Thursday, Dec. 12, while Sauk Trail and Sunset Ridge held their respective events on Friday, Dec. 13. The Philomusica performed for West Middleton, while the Symphony Orchestra performed for Sauk Trail and Sunset Ridge.

The Winter Teas involve students inviting their families to come to school where they perform their music, eat cookies, drink punch, and look at student artwork. The MHS orchestras have been a part of these Winter Teas for more than two decades, performing holiday and winter music, and adding to the ambiance. 

“Our students love the date and the music -- it is like they are visiting old friends when we pull the binders out in the fall,'' MHS orchestra director Steve Kurr said. "Everyone is excited to play this music together.''