Hartman named CSAC fellow

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MHS social studies teacher Andrew Hartman has been awarded a Center for the Study of the American Constitution (CSAC) Fellowship for the 2020 school year.

The fellowship is through the UW-Madison Department of History. Hartman said he plans to utilize the fellowship to enhance his content knowledge surrounding the founding documents of the Republic in order to better engage students on topics such as the Bill of Rights, federalism, and separation of powers as well as redesign the high school U.S. Government curriculum as the social studies department enters the curriculum renewal cycle.

Benefit of being a CSAC fellow include: a cash award of $150 for travel; a three-day seminar specifically designed for CSAC fellows, room and board provided; access to conferences hosted by other University of Wisconsin outreach organizations; opportunities to network with other teachers; a Wisconsin Historical Society membership; and a set of reference books.

The mission of CSAC has been to extend Founding Era resources and staff expertise to a range of communities beyond the UW-Madison. To fulfill that mission, each year CSAC identifies six teachers among program applicants who have a record of commitment to teaching and invites them to participate in a special three-day seminar on the Confederation Period and the drafting and ratification of the Constitution. The program’s purpose is twofold: to honor teachers for their dedication and to enhance their content knowledge and pedagogical skills in the history of early national America. Any teacher currently under contract in any school, public or private, can apply.

The three-day seminar will take place March 13-15 on the UW-Madison campus.

Hartman was one of three MHS staff members to present at the 2015 National Council for the Social Studies Conferences, which took place in New Orleans. The 50-minute presentation entitled, When Students Run the World: The Power of Democratic Classrooms. He also was awarded a 2017 Keizai Koho Center Teacher Fellowship to travel and study for 10 days in Japan. He also was awarded a scholarship from the UW-Madison South Asian Studies Department to participate in an educator curriculum tour of India in March 2015.

Hartman teaches U.S. Government and Politics, Contemporary U.S. History and World History at MHS. Other trips he has taken out of the country related to his work as a social studies teacher include South Korea and Japan (2004), Australia (2005), Costa Rica (2006), South Korea (2013) and Canada (2014).