Four named first-quarter PBIS winners

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Freshman Bryson Lewis, sophomore Amber Maas, junior Tamara Scott and senior Will Gutzmer were the first quarter winners of the MHS Cardinal Pride awards.

Each student received a new Android tablet device.

Cardinal Pride is a program that acknowledges being ready, respectful, and responsible. Hundreds of students received Cardinal Crewpons from staff since the start of the school year for doing the right thing, Dean of Students Jamie Domini said. Domini said crewpons can be handed out for something as simple as arriving to class on time, being respectful to a classmate or staff member or being prepared in class. 

Every time a student is recognized by a staff member, the student’s name is entered into a box and each week a name is drawn. The winning students are able to choose from a variety of smaller prizes throughout the quarter.  The first quarter grand prize winners were selected on Nov. 12 and the winning names were broadcast during the daily televised announcements.  

Cardinal Pride is a system of teaching and acknowledging positive behaviors at MHS. During the first quarter, students learned about the importance of being on time to class and behaving appropriately in the hallways. 

The Cardinal Pride motto is: Be Ready, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible.  Domini said in future weeks staff will be teaching what these words mean across the various school environments — from the school bus to the lunchroom to athletic competition along with the classroom. 

“In the process we hope to develop the type of school climate that all students, staff, and families can be proud of,'' she said.

Cardinal Pride is modeled after Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), a nationally recognized system for improving student behavior and academic performance in schools. The PBIS philosophy of teaching and acknowledging positive behaviors is evident in all of the schools in the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District. 

“There are plenty of ways of thanking students for following school rules and being successful in class — prizes are just one way,'' Domini said. "We have a variety of methods of appreciation we plan to introduce. Stay tuned!”