EUA provides MHS, Park construction updates

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Eppstein Uhen Architects representatives Robin Savola, Roberto Jaimes, Suzanne Miller, Jackie Michels and Kim Frerichs shared updates on each project at the Board of Education regular meeting on Monday, Nov. 18.

Savola noted schematic design is ongoing at Park. She expects design will be completed by February with construction to begin in March and the project should be completed by the start of the 2020-21 school year. When the project is completed, the school will have a new cafeteria and some additional spaces on the north end of the school. 

Savola said there are plans to be able to lock off the addition to the rest of the school during the evening when community members might access it. EUA representatives have also worked with the Fire Department officials on access to the west side of the school due to the addition. 

Michels noted the design process for the high school started in November 2018. She noted about 50 percent of the construction documents are completed, which is the last phase of design. It should be completed by February 2020, she added.

Frerichs noted some of the major drivers are to make a school of 3,000 students feel smaller. EUA has worked to create multiple library-media centers, cafeterias and student service areas to make it easier for students. Construction will be completed in two phases. A three-story addition will be completed on the north side first. Much of the south end of the current building will then be demolished and a two-story addition will be added.

A learning street will connect the main entrances on the north and south end of the building, Frerichs said. She then spent 10 minutes reviewing where different spaces would be in the rebuilt school. She noted Clark Street Community School will be one of the learning communities located on the first floor on the north end. There will also be multiple elevators available. 

There will be separate drop off for families driving their children to school and buses, Frerichs noted. Buses will drop off on the south side, while family drop off will be on the north side. 

Miller noted EUA tried to provide as much natural light as possible, although Frerichs said because it is a rebuilt there will be interior classrooms that don't have natural light. 

"It's a treat for us because we normally don't get to see the interior,'' Board president Bob Green said. "It's great to see what has been done so far.''