Code of Conduct proposed updates shared

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Director of Student Services Barb Buffington, along with Dean of Students Andrew Washicheck (Glacier Creek), Brandon Tewalt (Kromrey), and Brad Crandell (MHS) reviewed the work of the  Code of Conduct Committee and the changes to the model being proposing at the Board of Education regular meeting on Monday, June 14.

Check out the 10-slide presentation from Monday's update

Buffington reminded the School Board that the Code of Conduct is reviewed regularly.

The team opened with a video that included the deans from the middle and high school levels. It reviewed who was involved in reviewing the Code of Conduct and the timeline. Student voice was also included in the work. Interviews with multiple students who participated and explained why they were involved were included in the video.

The deans then compared and contrasted the old code with the new code. If the School Board approves, the next steps include staff training, ongoing refinement of practice and function, and development of a training framework for new staff.

This presentation also included a brief description of the Code of Conduct, the evolution over the past 18 months, a walkthrough of its framework, and a summary of the planned implementation for the 2021-22 school year, pending School Board approval.

Members asked questions and offered feedback for approximately 45 minutes. They were thrilled that students were included in the process. "We could not have done this without them,'' Crandall said.