2014-15 MHS registration information

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Now is the time for "2014-15 High School Registration." The following is the schedule for registration for future 10th-12th grade students:

Thursday, Jan. 9: Homeroom for the full block. Students will view the registration videos and receive their registration form and instructions.

Monday, Jan. 13: Registration 101 Event at MHS from 6 to 7 p.m. Counselors will present registration information to families and be available to answer questions. Families will have the opportunity to hear grade specific registration information. Future sophomores will meet in the choir room, future juniors in the band room and future seniors in the orchestra room.

Jan. 9 to Jan. 15: My Campus Portal will be open for students to input their list of course requests.

  • Students will need to sign their registration form, along with a parent/guardian.
  • Students will input their course list and list of alternative courses they wish to register for the following school year (2014-15).
  • Students will print their course summery list (from Campus) and attach it to their registration form given to them the first homeroom.
  • Counselors need both forms: Why? The registration form has the signatures, and we tend to use this form when a student says, "I never signed up for this class." The second print out confirms the match of class lists-since this is the first time, we want to make sure students put the correct course codes/names in and this is the most efficient way to double check.

Wednesday, Jan. 15: Homeroom for handing in signed course request form to homeroom teacher.

To give families more time to review the materials prior to the various events, the following are links to the registration videos and the online course offering book.

2014-15 MHS Course Offerings Book (114 pages)

2014-15 Course Registration Information

Future Freshman

  • Online registration goes through January 13th
  • Forms are due January 14th to your teacher
  • Informational PowerPoint from Future Freshman Night please see the Course Registraion Information page.

Interested in taking an online class for the 2014-15 School Year?

All MHS students are given the opportunity to take up to two online classes per semester. All students interested in taking online classes and their parent/guardians are required to attend a MANDATORY meeting. There are two meeting options for the online registration: Virtual online course meeting on Monday, Jan. 6 at 7 p.m. You will need access to the internet in order to attend.  To access the online meeting, please click on this link.

A link and directions for connecting with this meeting can also be found on the MHS website. If you cannot participate in the virtual meeting, there will be a meeting Monday, Jan. 13 at MHS at 7 p.m. in the Choir Room. Additionally, a separate form is required for online classes. Forms will be distributed at the meeting. Online classes within the seven courses should also be listed above.