Green Team

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Green Team (combined Garden Club and Ecology Club)

Green Team’s mission is to:

Include the entire community in connecting with the natural world. 

Inspire others to consciously consider their impact on the environment.

Innovate to find creative solutions to current environmental challenges. 

We meet every Tuesday morning at 7:30 AM in Room 1817. We tackle a very wide range of environmental problems, within our school and throughout our community.

Although we have more than 50 students in Green Team, everybody works collaboratively and everybody can be a leader. After all, sustainability has and will always rely on collaboration.

Some exciting projects that we have worked/are working on: 

Organic Dinner Fundraiser

Plastic Bag Drive

MHS garden maintenance and growing organic food

Visit elementary schools to give presentations

Plant trees around MHS

Flower Fest Fundraiser

E-Waste Drive

Trash pick up in the Pheasant Branch Conservancy

And so much more!!

Envirothon Competition

Wisconsin Envirothon is our state’s environmental science challenge where teams of five high school or middle school students participate in outdoor field challenges. The exams are based on four categories, Forestry, Soils/Land Use, Aquatic Ecology and Wildlife. The teams also do a presentation based on a current issue local conservation professionals are dealing with across the state. This event offers an opportunity to develop leadership skills to champion a more sustainable and environmentally aware community. Winners advance to the North American Envirothon /Regional Envirothon to compete in scholarships and prizes.

Contact the advisors: Ms. Leah Williams (, Mr. Tim Berto: (, or Ms. Vogel (

or student:

Daphne Joyce Wu (

Follow Green Team on Instagram: @greenteammhs! We follow back :)

Our official website can be found at: