Dropping off and picking up students at MHS

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Students should be dropped off and picked up on Franklin Avenue, which is immediately south of MHS.

Students should not be dropped off in the visitor lot. That is where the buses drop off and pick up students and the additional vehicles cause unnecessary congestion and safety issues.  The only exception to this is for students who have temporary mobility issues such as being on crutches or needing to use scooters due to an injury or health condition.  Those students can be dropped of in the visitor parking lot.  Their driver should pull into a parking spot and can assist their student to the main enterance.

It is preferred that students not be dropped off on Bristol Street, but if you do so please stay away from driveways, crosswalks and buses.

A number of families also drop off children by the fitness center on the north side of MHS or next to the indoor pool. Please avoid doing so because that is the route buses use and makes it challenging for the buses to get through.

You should also avoid dropping off or picking up students on the west side of the school near Middleton Street and North Avenue. Special education students are transported via buses from there and if cars are in the way the buses have to stop in the middle of the road. 

We greatly appreciate your assistance and cooperation in keeping the area safe for students, parents, staff and community members while also respecting the privacy and property of the surrounding neighborhood. Although this traffic pattern may at times seem inconvenient, it continues to assist us in keeping our school safe and neighbors happy. Thanks again for all you do to make our high school a place of pride for our community.