Final Examination Reminders and Schedule

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Final Exam Schedule





Start End
ASR 8:25/ 9:08 9:13/ 9:55
1 10:05 11:35
Lunch 11:45 12:30
4 12:40 2:10
Make-Up 2:20 3:44





Start End
5 8:25 9:55
6 10:05 11:35
Lunch 11:45 12:30
7 12:40 2:10
Make-Up 2:20 3:44





Start End
2   8:25   9:55
3 10:05 11:35
Lunch 11:45 12:30
Make-Up 12:40   2:10
Make-Up   2:20   3:44




BE READY / BE ON TIME - . Please note the times your exams are scheduled and be prepared and on time for them.  If students are not in their classroom before the start of an exam period they will need to make up their final during one of the make up periods. All school rules related to dress code, use of electronic devices, etc., still apply during final exam days.


BE RESPONSIBLE - Please take the time to prepare thoroughly for final exams and projects. If additional help is needed, students should arrange for this help with their teachers, attend Homework Club or access their teacher during All School Resource.


BE RESPECTFUL - The campus is open during final exams. Students are required to be present during their scheduled exams and ASR (with the exception of seniors), but may be in school for the entire day. Study halls will not meet during exams. Students who are not in a final exam room are expected to be quiet and studying in a supervised area and will not be able to move throughout the building after the exam period begins. The Courtyard will be supervised all day.


All students are to remain in class for the entire block.


Lunch service will be available from 11:45 to 12:30 each day, however, selections may be more limited in scope.


Buses will run at the regular time each afternoon at 3:44. Students may leave the building when their exams are over and are not required to be here until 3:44.


The high school staff wish all students the best of luck on their final exams.