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State Law: In the state of Wisconsin a parent/guardian may excuse their child up to ten days each school year.  Excusable reasons may include:  illness, vacation, tardiness, and family emergencies.  A medical professional may provide excuses for a child for up to thirty days of absence per school year.                          


Attendance Letters: Letters alerting parents/guardians of student absences will be sent home when a student is absent for five or more and again at eight or more days.  A third letter will be sent after ten days of absence and a meeting may be scheduled with the student, parents/guardians, teachers and student services staff to work to improve the student’s attendance. Medically documented absences are not included in the ten days.


Attendance Line: (608) 829-9050 The line is open 24 hours to report an absence or tardy. Get medical documentation for all appointments (physical, dental, mental health) along with keeping the nurse up to date for extended health related concerns.  


Appointments: Part or whole day absences due to appointments out of school, need to be excused by the provider on clinic letterhead indicating the date of the absence.


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