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Important Dates 2018-2019:

Earliest Day of Practice:  March 4

Earliest Meet:  March 12

Regionals:  May 20

Sectionals:  May 23

State:  May 31 - June 1

Deadline for wheelchair athlete intent to compete:

Regional Entry Form Deadline (PTTiming):  

Pole Vault Weight Verification Form: 

March 5 (Week 36), April 2 (Week 40), May 14 (Week 46)


Welcome to the MHS Boys and Girls Track Program.  Click here for the official MHS Track & Field webpage.  



Your MHS Coaches are as follows:

Head Coach (boys):  Joe Line:  Phone: 608-829-9967

Head Coach (girls):  Jay Schweitzer: Phone: 608-535-7784

Asst. Coach:  Chris Reinke:  Phone:  608-829-9718 

Asst. Coach:  Lauren Waller:  Phone:  608-712-2303

Asst. Coach:  Keysha Benzing:  Phone: 

Asst. Coach:  Brian Finnel:  Phone:  608-829-9990

Asst. Coach:  Max Lutz    Phone: 920-217-4713  

Asst. Coach:  Leo Olson:  Phone:  715-218-7172

Asst. Coach:  Lauren Dilley:  Phone:  608-438-8517

Asst. Coach:  Alexa Richardson:  Phone:  608-790-8278

Asst. Coach:  Mike Lindemann:  Phone: 941-720-2351

Asst. Coach:  Dave Olive:  Phone: 608-215-3164

Asst. Coach:  Tanner Rahman  Phone:

Asst. Coach: Tom Rahman  Phone: 

Asst. Coach:  Lisa Von Haden  Phone: 262-717-5276