Soccer (girls)

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Important Dates 2018-2019:

Earliest Day of Practice:  March 18

Earliest Game:  March 26

Regionals:  May 30 & June 1

Sectionals:  June 6 & 8

State: June 13-14-15


For the Girls Soccer Web Site click here


Your MHS Coaches are as follows:

Head Coach:  Mary Duffy:  Phone: 608-829-9719

                                                                                                    Cell 608-334-3089

Varsity Asst. Coach:  Kevin Pauls:

                                                               Phone: 608-829-9604 Cell 608-669-1417

Varsity Reserve Coach:  Alicia Rippl:

Varsity Reserve Asst. Coach:  Chad Ophime:  Phone: 608-698-1718

JV White Coach:  Brian Byrne:  Phone:  608-829-9861

JV Black Coach:  Steven Jones:  Phone:  608-448-5985 

Freshmen White Coach:  Kelsey Berger:  Phone: 

Freshman Red Coach:  Becca Colegial:  Phone:  607- 217-7721