Soccer (boys)

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Boys Soccer

Middleton High School is the best soccer program in the state and is steeped in tradition. Our Varsity team has qualified for state on numerous occasions and our student athletes have created the “El Clasico” game to honor non-varsity seniors. We routinely have over 150 student athletes participate.

Important Dates 2020-21:

August 13 6:30p MHS Cafeteria - Required Parent/Player meeting 


August 14 8:30a-12 Paperwork Check (optional) - We will be at MHS verifying you have the correct paperwork in place in order to participate in tryouts the following week.


August 17-21 First week of soccer, tryouts, team placements. Bring a ball, water, shin guards and wear a white shirt with your name on it. It can be an old crumby one with your name sharpied on it - nothing fancy is needed.



Grades 10-12
August 17 8-10:30am - The first 30 minutes of this time is a soft start - meaning we will be talking to athletes/parents that have paperwork questions. At 8:30 attendance will be taken and coaches will start tryouts/practice. After 8:30 I/we will no longer deal with paperwork and move onto coaching. I/we will gladly deal with paperwork after 10:30am

August 17 430-6p Varsity tryouts only (open)

August 18 8a-10a Tryouts - All 10th-12th graders

August 19 8-10a All 10-12th graders tryouts

August 19 430-6p Varsity Tryouts (invite only)

August 20  8a-10a Tryouts - All 10th-12th graders

August 21  8a-10a Tryouts - All 10th-12th graders

August 21 430-6 Varsity Tryouts (invite only)


August 22 10am Alumni Game at Firefighters This event is free.  Come out and support the MHS team and Middleton Alumni.


9th Graders
August 17-21 430-6p Freshmen practice/tryout. All freshmen will start their tryout with the freshmen group. At the discretion of the coaching staff, it is possible that some freshmen may be invited to tryout with an older group of players in the mornings.


Required Forms and Paperwork 

Student Athletes must have a valid physical on file with MHS.
More to come on paperwork by July 1.  


Player Sign-up 

If you intend on trying out for the fall 2020 season, please sign-up by clicking here

All players need to wear shin guards and appropriate soccer equipment.  All players should bring a soccer ball and ample water to tryouts.

Optional but helpful:  Wear an old white t-shirt to tryouts and mark your last name on the back with a sharpie in large letters.


 For the Boys Soccer All-Time Records, Team and Individual, click here


Your MHS Boys Soccer Coaches are:

Head:  Kevin Pauls:

Varsity Assistant:  Mary Duffy:

Varsity Reserve:  Ravi Rajani: 

JV White:

JV Black:  Steven Jones:  

JV Red:  Paul Elzinga: 

Freshman Red:  

Freshman White:  Zach Roberts:   

Volunteers: Chad Ophime, Bill Karls