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How do I check my service hours?

Click on the link below for step by step directons on how to check your service-learning hours in infinite campus:
 Check Service Hours Help Sheet


See this video for step by step directions on how to check your service-learning hours in infinite campus: 

Why is service-learning an MHS graduation requirement?There are many wonderful things about service-learning! Service-learning allows students to participate in service projects that are meaningful and educational and can often answer the question, ‘Why are we learning this?’ These projects are helpful to the community, display Middleton students in a positive light, and facilitate relationships among our students and the world around them. They will be contributing members of our society!  In addition, many future employers will appreciate the skills that MHS students will learn while creating, planning, and successfully implementing projects throughout the community.

How many hours of service-learning are required for MHS students?
Students at MHS must participate in 40 hours of service over four years at MHS. .  

What if an MHS student doesn't have enough hours?

Start a project!  Hours may be earned over the summer and on breaks. Not sure what to do for a project?  Check out our community needs page for some ideas!

What about transferring students?  Do they need 40 hours of service?
Students who transfer to MHS will have a 'pro-rated' amount of service-learning hours to complete.  For example, a student who transfers to MHS as a sophomore would need 30 hours of service-learning by graduation instead of 40.

What 'counts' as service-learning?
Service learning is an experience where the student is involved in hands-on learning and is simultaneously affecting real change in the community.  Projects will be pre-approved if they have each of the following components:
*Connected to the curriculum: When writing a pre-approval, be specific about what exactly you will be learning throughout the course of the project and which MHS courses relate to the project.  Saying, for example,  "I will be adding numbers" does not make a project connected to the high school's curriculum (most students learn to add before high school) and thus will not be counted as a true service-learning project.  Think about how you can enhance learning throughout the course of your project. 
*Meaningful service:  Meaningful implies that a true community need is being met and that the project is truly important to the student; service implies that the community will experience benefit as a result of the project and that the project is a volunteer (unpaid) activity for a community member or organization.
*Student involvement:  Students must be the planners, organizers, and brains behind the project!  Many future employers will appreciate an employee who can organize, plan, and execute a project.  Count this as practice!  In addition, a meaningful reflection is essential!  Think about how this project positively effect you, the community, and the people around you.  What did you learn? How will this help your schooling or career interests?

Can religious hours or mission trips 'count' towards service-learning hours?
It depends on the situation!  Hours spent spreading religious ideas cannot be sanctioned as a school project.  However, many trips include non-profit community improvement work (not related to religion) which may relate to MHS classes.  Remember, the service part is just half of the service-learning project; students must be learning about subjects that relate to MHS coursework as well.

Can service-learning hours be submitted online?
Yes!  Service-learning hours can be submitted online to  However, an e-mail with a list of hours is not sufficient for approval.  Please follow all steps for submitting a service-learning project, found on the Individual Projects page.

Where can I find out which MHS courses offer Service-Learning?
The MHS course book lists classes which offer service-learning.  In addition, a list can be found on the Classroom Projects page.

More questions?  Contact Karen Stodola, MHS Service-learning coordinator at or 608-829-9869.