Four Year Advisory Program

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At Middleton High School we instill an atmosphere that fosters intellectual and emotional growth. Our Advisory program is a powerful program that incorporates the specific characteristics that students will acquire in order to help them be successful throughout their academic and personal lives. In Advisory, every student in grades 9-12 are given a space and the tools necessary to learn and build upon their social/emotional wellness and community engagement. 
When students enter ninth grade they are placed in an Advisory class with peers of the same grade level. Students form a community of learners that embark on a journey together for four years. Their Advisor consists of a faculty member at MHS that will remain with students throughout the entire span of their high school careers.
The faculty member Advisor will guide students in a curriculum that fosters intellectual and personal growth by developing closer relationships between staff and students; establishing workable goals for high school and post-high school experiences; coordinating services between varied professionals in the building; facilitating communication between students, teachers, and families; developing student self-advocacy; providing an adult contact throughout all four years of high school; and personalizing each student’s experience at MHS.
Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Advisory at MHS. We welcome feedback and are always excited to dialogue about this dynamic program.
Ben White
Student Activities Coordinator