About Middleton High School

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Middleton High School was established in 1879. There have been many changes since that time, but the belief in our students' abilities to excel has not changed. Our students will be challenged with opportunities to achieve in academics, athletics and activities. MHS teachers, support staff and principals are all here to support our students in these endeavors and to assist them in becoming more self-sufficient and independent learners.

Middleton High School is located in Wisconsin in the City of Middleton and serves students in the Middleton-Cross Plains area. Middleton is located along the western shore of Lake Mendota and is one of the fastest growing communities in Dane County.

In addition to being home to a number of manufacturing industries, the city welcomes a growing number of advanced technological businesses. Middleton is in close proximity to the University of Wisconsin - Madison campus, which offers a variety of cultural opportunities. Middleton is also located directly next to Madison, the state capital of Wisconsin. Residents in the area work in education, light industrial, municipal and state occupations, business and agriculture.

The Middleton-Cross Plains school district consists of nine jurisdictions and covers 70 square miles. The District has an enrollment of approximately 7,400 students in six elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school.

MHS Mission Statement

Middleton High School's mission statement emphasizes our learning community and the learner.

Middleton High School is a learning community that fosters intellectual growth and habits of commitment, reflection, wellness and wonderment, developing citizens who make a living, a life and a difference.

Belief Statements

We at Middleton High School have fundamental convictions, values and beliefs.

We believe that . . .

•our focus is students and the work they do
•students should be self-managing learners
•each student needs to develop the capacity to think and reason
•all students should be challenged intellectually
•every student can and will learn if presented with the right opportunity to do so
•goals and expectations should apply to all students, but the means to these goals will vary
•program design should be shaped by the outcomes that students need
•the tone of our school should explicitly stress the values of integrity, trust, and decency
•family and community participation and support is essential
•each individual must accept personal and community responsibility.