4K School Supply List

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The 4K supply list for all sites includes the following items:

  • Folder (1)

  • Backpack (Large enough to hold folder)

  • Extra clothing in a bag labeled with child’s name

  • Box of Kleenex


The 4K School Social Worker can be of support to families needing assistance with school supplies. 


Other supplies will be provided. For families interested in supporting our program, our classrooms welcome donations of supplies. Should you be interested in donating items, check with your child’s teacher. Our classrooms would welcome ziplock bags, napkins, playdough, glue sticks, glue, glitter, glitter glue, water colors, feathers, pipe cleaners, google eyes, popsicle sticks, or other craft supplies.


*Each site will have an individual policy on snacks that will be shared with families