Welcome to MCPASD 4K


Friends of Pheasant Branch Conservancy president Dagny Myrah announced this week plans to develop an outdoor education program for District students enrolled in pre-kindergarten programs.  

The District's 4K program has its own promotional video.

The District's 4K program held a two-day Boot Camp for all teachers in the program on Aug. 19-20 at Edgewood College on Deming Way on Madison's West side.

Report cards for 4K  through fourth grade will be available after 3 p.m. today, Wednesday, June 10.  

At that time, the Reports section of the Campus Portal will work.


Students at 4K sites across the district are celebrating literacy week.  The students in Ms. Pauls and Ms. Phillips 4K classroom wore their pajamas to school on Monday, March 1st.


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