Learning through Play in MCPASD 4K

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The building center is a favorite area of play in Emily Brucker's 4k classroom at Pooh Bear Preschool.  This center is filled with blocks, tracks, legos, cars, wooden people, gears, books, plus various items that encourage building.  It has been a goal to encourage writing and early literacy skills in all the learning centers in the classroom.  The 4k students are engaged in using crayons to write and draw on large paper on the train table.  The black road pieces are inspired by the 4k handwriting curriculum: Handwriting without Tears. The road pieces are made to be big lines, little lines, big curves and little curves.  Students can use these pieces to make letters, numbers, shapes and many other things!  The 4k kiddos love to run their cars over their creations.  Learning through play is fun and meaningful!