MCPASD Instructional Models

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The following resources may also be helpful in determining if this option will be helpful to your child:

MCPASD 2020-21 Instructional Models



Universal Model 
Virtual Start, Transition to Blended or Face-to-Face

Fully Virtual

(Alternative Available to Any Family/Student)

General Overview

The District plans to start with a virtual plan and transition students and staff back to buildings as it is deemed safe.  

The district has offered fully online programming for the past 10 years for students K-12.  This will continue to be an option with the addition of 4K this year for families that don’t feel comfortable sending their children back to the building for instruction.

Curriculum Will be designed and delivered by our District teachers and delivered virtually until we are able to offer instruction in a blended format.  Curriculum will be directly aligned with our District scope and sequence.

Based on the level of interest in a fully online option, we are able to deliver our District curriculum at the K-6 level. We will have at least two teachers at each grade level. This means that our K-6 MCPASD online teachers can plan together in order to provide a high quality experience.

You can get more information on the seconeary curriculum here: 

Secondary Curriculum (7-12)

Teachers Students will be assigned to teachers and classrooms, which they will return to when we return to the buildings.  All teachers PK-8 will be MCPASD teachers.  9-12th grade students will have an advisor who is an MCPASD teacher and will have MCPASD teachers except in a few areas where we do not have a local teacher who is able to teach that content online.  In these cases, the teacher will be a teacher in Wisconsin who is a part of the Wisconsin eSchool Network.
Access to Services in Buildings

Students and staff will return to schools as it is deemed safe to do so.  This may be in a blended model or a fully in-building model. 

Once deemed safe for students to return, Fully Virtual high school students do have access to courses in our buildings, participating in clubs, athletics and activities.  They will also have the ability to access face to face support on their virtual courses.  Transportation would be the responsibility of the family. 


Model Changes





Elementary students will be able to make model changes when the board approves a move to a blended or face-to-face model. Changes will be implemented when the blended (or face-to-face)  model is implemented.


Secondary students will be able to make model changes at the semester.


*Student shifts between models may require staffing changes and section changes or schedule changes.  Those can’t be determined until the Model Change Form process is completed.