Recommended Leveled Series

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Recommended Leveled Series
Key: IL=Interest Level (by grade)     YA=Young Adult content

To jump to a level, click the level letter below:

L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T U  V  W  X  Y Z

Level L
Cam Jansen (Adler)
mystery; IL 3-5

Level M
Bloodlines (Sherman)
hist. fiction/action & adventure; IL 5-8

Petsitters Club (Krailing)
realistic fiction; IL - 3-5

Level O
Amber Brown (Danziger)
realistic fiction; IL 3-5

Boxcar Children (Warner)
mystery; IL 3-5

Secrets of Droon (Abbott)
fantasy; IL 3-6

Level P
Diamond Brothers Mysteries (Horowitz)
IL 3-6

Dragon Slayers' Academy (McMullan) fantasy/action & adventure; IL 3-6

Time Warp Trio (Scieszka)
action & adventure/humor; IL 3-6

Level Q
Spiderwick Chronicles (Diterlizzi)
fantasy; IL 3-6

Winning Season (Wallace)
sports/realistic fiction; IL 5-8

Level R
Anabelle Unleashed (Margolis)
realistic fiction; IL 3-6

Dark Fusion (Shusterman)
fantasy; IL 6-8

Kingdom Keepers (Pearson)
fantasy/action & adventure; IL 5-8

Shiloh (Naylor)
realistic fiction; IL 3-6

Level S
Emily Windsnap (Kessler)
fantasy; IL 3-6

Winnie series (Myracle)
realistic fiction; IL 5-8

Level T
Chronicles of Narnia (Lewis)
fantasy; IL 5-8

Dear America (various authors)
historical fiction; IL 5-8

Diary of a Wiimpy Kid (Kinney) humor/realistic fiction; IL 5-8

Forensics Mysteries series (Ferguson) mystery; IL YA

Hidden Talents (Lubar)
fantasy/suspense; IL 6-9

I Funny (Patterson)
humor/realistic fiction; IL 5-8

Joey Pigza (Gantos)
realistic fiction; IL 5-8

Keys to the Kingdom (Nix)
fantasy; IL 3-6

Middle School (Patterson)
humor/realistic fiction; IL 4-7

Origami Yoda (Angleberger)
realistic fiction/humor; IL 3-6

Penderwicks (Birdsall)
realistic fiction; IL 3-6

Sammy Keyes (Van Draanen)
mystery; IL 5-8

Chasing Vermeer (Balliett)
mystery; IL 5-8

Molly Moon (Byng)
fantasy; IL 4-6

Level U
Charlie Bone (Nimmo)
fantasy; IL 3-6

Confessions of Georgia Nicolson (Rennison) 
realistic fiction; IL YA

Land of Stories (Colfer)
fantasy; IL 3-6

Sisters Grimm (Buckley)
fantasy; IL 4-6

Warriors (Hunter) 
fantasy/action & adventure; IL 5-8

Secret Stories (Bosch)
fantasy; IL 5-8

George (Hawking)
science fiction; IL 4-6

Mystic Misadventures [Pandora] (Hennesy) fantasy/adventure; IL 4-6

39 Clues (various authors)
mystery/action & adventure; IL 3-6


Level V
Underland Chronicles [Gregor] (Collins) fantasy; IL 3-6

Unicorn Chronicles (Coville)
fantasy; IL 3-6

Guardians of Ga' Hoole (Lasky)
fantasy; IL 3-6

Mysterious Benedict Society (Stewart) 
sci. fi./action & adventure; IL 4-6

Series of Unfortunate Events (Snicket) fantasy/action & adventure; IL 5-8

Level W
Bone [graphic novels] (Smith)
fantasy; IL 6-12

City of Ember (DuPrau)
science fiction; IL 5-8

Crispin (Avi)
historical fiction; IL 5-8

Fablehaven (Mull)
fantasy; IL 5-8

Gallagher Girls (Carter)
mystery/realistic fiction; IL YA

Gatekeepers (Horowitz)
fantasy; IL 5-8

Harry Potter (Rowling)
fantasy; IL 5-8

Heir Chronicles (Chima)
fantasy; IL YA

Heroes of Olympus
Kane Chronicles
Percy Jackson
 (all Riordan)
fantasy/action & adventure; IL 5-8

Travel Team [Darby Creek] (various authors)
sports/realistic fiction; IL 6-10

Level X
Clique (Harrison)
realistic fiction; IL YA

Nicholas Flamel (Scott)
fantasy; IL 5-8

Level Y
Cryptid Hunters (Smith)
mystery/action & adventure: IL 5-8

Jenna Fox Chronicles (Pearson)
science fiction; IL YA

Larklight (Reeve)
fantasy: IL 5-8

Artemis Fowl (Colfer)
fantasy/action & adventure; IL 5-8

Level Z
Caster Chronicles [Beautiful] (Garcia)
fantasy; IL YA

Cirque du Freak (Shan)
fantasy/action & adventure; IL 6-8

Evil Genius (Jinks)
science fiction/mystery; IL 5-8

Hunger Games (Collins)
sci. fi./action & adventure; IL YA

Life As We Knew It (Pfeffer)
science fiction/mystery; IL YA

Lord of the Rings (Tolkien)
fantasy; IL YA

Princess Diaries (Cabot)
realistic fiction; IL YA

Shadow Children (Haddix)
science fiction; IL 3-6

The Reckoners (Sanderson)
fantasy/action & adventure; IL YA

Uglies (Westerfeld)
science fiction; IL YA

Wolves of Mercy Falls (Stiefvater)
fantasy; IL YA