Two students place in top 3 at Madison event

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Kromrey's eighth-grader Sanjay Suresh and sixth-grader Raghav Gopalakrishnan took first and third place, respectively, out of 20 middle school students at the Madison Area Science, Technology & Engineering Rising Stars program on May 6.

Suresh's project explored the use of 3-D printing for creating violin bridges, while Gopalakrishnan's project focused on sorters and how they work based on the weight and size of the objects being sorted.

* Sixteen MCPASD fifth- and sixth-graders advanced to the Mega Math Meet earlier this month at UW-Madison.

The team of Jonathan Schecher, Nikhil Quintin, Harry Jin, Ray Feinberg, Grace Wo, Kevin Wu, Raghav Gopalakrishnan and Roddy McLellan took first place. Thirty teams from around the area competed. Meanwhile, Kromrey sixth-grader Grace Wu placed third overall individually.

* Invitations have been handed out to all Kromrey and Glacier Creek students who have work published in our school literary magazines -- The Gallery at Kromrey and In Black & White at Glacier Creek.  

All of these students should plan to attend special Fine Arts Nights celebrations, which will be held on May 22 at the Performing Arts Center. Kromrey's event starts at 6 p.m. and Glacier Creek's will start at 7:30.

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